Increase circulation and decrease tension with a Dry Hydrotherapy Massage

How it Works

The AquaMed-Dry HydroMassage machine is a body massage system engineered to combine time proven therapies of whirlpool, heat and massage in a fully customizable and user-friendly system. Patients can experience customized back massages while comfortably lying on our Aqua Med: Dry HydroMassage treatment table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.)What is Dry Hydrotherapy?
Dry hydrotherapy (dry water massage) is a form of therapy that combines the healing powers of water, heat and massage in a single system. The purpose of Dry Hydrotherapy is to provide the therapies of whirlpool, heat, and massage in a single system without the inconvenience of getting wet. This unique machine is engineered with a traveling water jet system for a full body massage, an open design for comfort and an “all-sides-of-the body” back massage, a temperature controlled heating and cooling system, and customizable pressure ranges. The temperature is set between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.) Who uses Dry HydroMassage?
An estimated 11 million AquaMed treatments are performed annually. Patients range from chronic back pain sufferers to professional athletes to celebrities worldwide.

3.) What is a Dry HydroMassage session like?
Patients lie face-up on the massage treatment bed and enjoy a comfortable and warm mechanized water massage. Massage pressure levels are adjusted by our health care professionals at the begimling of each session. Sessions usually last between 15-30 minutes.

4.) What areas of my back does the Dry HydroMassage massage?
Our healthcare professionals adjust the settings on the Dry HydroMassage bed to meet your needs. Some patients prefer to enjoy an entire back massage, while others may only need the upper neck or perhaps only the low back areas treated.

5.) What are some of the clinical benefits of Dry HydroMassage?
Some of the benefits of Dry HydroMassage include increased blood circulation, decreased muscle tension, increased oxygen absorption in the blood stream, decreased inflammation and muscular toxins leading to better injury recovery, increased release of endorphins for increased sense of well­being, decreased blood pressure for better circulatory health and stress relief, and increased muscular range of motion for better flexibility.

6.) Is the AquaMed: Dry HydroMassage powerful enough to get lasting results?
Yes. The Dry HydroMassage treatment table has been time-tested and the majority of our patients report feeling very relaxed and much better after the massage. Our Dry Hydrotherapy massage treatment helps hasten many soft-tissue injury healing times.

7.) Why is AquaMed: Dry HydroMassage so popular?
Over 90 percent of the people who try the AquaMed: Dry Hydrotherapy massage love it. People who don’t typically get hands-on massage are comfortable with this system of massage. There is no need to disrobe. You can enjoy your massage fully clothed and comfortable. The majority of our patients really enjoy this treatment and look forward to AquaMed: Dry HydroMassage sessions.